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A delegation of 30 Stanford undergraduate and co-term students is currently in Paris, France, where the latest round of international climate negotiations is taking place. For two weeks, they will interview participants, observe the city, and report on the state of negotiations, while the world awaits news of a post-Kyoto agreement.


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The real business of decarbonization begins after an agreement is signed at the Paris climate conference, argue David G. Victor and Stanford Earth's James Leape.

Stanford experts on climate change-related issues ranging from energy and ecosystems to law and economics share their persectives on the upcoming COP21 talks in Paris.

As they work toward halting global warming, international delegates at the Paris climate talks will depend on a knowledge base that Stanford scholars helped build over the past two decades.

Stanford Earth researcher Aaron Strong joins New York Times reporter Andy Revkin to discuss the history of UN climate summit and what is different at this year's event.